Superior Japanese Twin Room at Yumiya Komachi in Kyoto

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting project at Miyagawa Komachi, Kyoto vacation rental

Yesterday, my new friends Ms.K and Soba-kun came over to “Miyagawa -Komachi” to help my painting project.  Ms.K did helped me a lot indeed in addition to bringing me sandwiches for lunch. I just felt happy to have someone to chat with while working on my painting project.
I had to call Soba-kun, who came from South Korea to study Japanese language, since Ms.T and I were hopeless using the electronic mixer used for mixing the plaster materials.  I had to mix the materials to make plaster called “Juraku” and had no idea how difficult to mix them well.  It was my first try, and now I have very stiff neck and shoulders at the end of the day. Oh my…..   Soba-kun is actually a photographer as well and his pictures will be appeared  in my blog sometime soon.
Not many Japanese do paint their houses (in and out) and my neighbors were really amazed about me.  People pass by stop in front of the Miyagwa Komachi and say “Oh your place is getting nice”  and I typically start chatting with neighbors to get to know people in town. The Miyagwa Komachi is located in a small alley where many traditional houses are still exist and neighbors are very friendly.
Here is the picture of the Juraku.