Superior Japanese Twin Room at Yumiya Komachi in Kyoto

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

お祝いをして頂きました! Celebration dinner!

今日の夜は、私の不動産契約が無事終了という事で、京都で大変お世話になっている素敵な女性の方々から夕食のお誘いを受けました♪  とっても美味しい白味噌の牡蠣鍋です!

My girl friends threw a Nabe party for me to cerebrate to be a home owner! Nabe is a typical Japanese dish which has a soup stock/miso base which you then add vegetables, seafood, meets, and udon noodle. Rice and eggs are cooked in the stock that is left over after the noodle are eaten. Today was white miso base nabe with very flesh oysters, silk tofu, and green onions. It was so~ delicious!  I forget to take a photo....sorry that I cannot share the photos with you.