Superior Japanese Twin Room at Yumiya Komachi in Kyoto

Saturday, December 18, 2010

草木彫り! Wood carving !




Today was my wood carving class day, and my first wood carving art was sent to a lacquer process in Kagawa-ken, Shikoku (one of the four island of Japan).  I cannot wait to see the result! The wood carving class is under Nikki-Kai originated in Shikoku. The carving are mainly for flowers and plants in nature.  I fell in love at the first sight with a try that was delicately engraved of cherry blossoms. It is an art. Since then, I decided to take this class....hopefully I could continue doing this. See my next item below:

次の作品です。絵柄は山吹です。My next item is this oval tray with yamabuki flower.