Superior Japanese Twin Room at Yumiya Komachi in Kyoto

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!


さてお正月の間、京都を留守にしていました私は宮崎の田舎に隠れておりました。さて宮崎は暖くて食べ物がとても美味しいので食べまくってしまいました。とはいっても母の手料理です。美味しかったです! 私は大晦日は紅白歌合戦をみたあと、知恩院の除夜の鐘で去る年に別れをづげる様子をテレビでみていました。今年は京都から皆さんにご報告いたしますね。さあ、京都は今年10年ぶりの大雪だそうで金閣寺もこんな感じ美しかったようです。なんだか明日も雪になるとのこと。

A Happy New Year!
The zodiac for this year is Rabbit. I wish all of you will have a wonderful year!
I spent the new year with my family in Miyazaki, Kyusu, and just came back to Kyoto. There was some snow in Kyoto at the beginning of the year and it was stayed on the ground for few days. It must have been so beautiful when temples and shrines are covered by snow. Here is a photo of Kinkaku-ji (Golden pavilion).

金閣寺 Golden Pavilion, Kyoto
鴨川と雪の比叡山 My favorite Kamo river and the mountain view from Kojinguchi bridge. You can see the snow on the top of mountain. All the snow on the ground had gone now. Kyoto is surrounded by 36 mountains.

京都手帖を買いました。これで京都のいろんなお祭りや行事はばっちりカバーです!This is a Kyoto diary which includes all the festivals and events information in it. I would not miss any interesting event in Kyoto anymore!!!