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Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite fast food in Japan "Mos Burger"

One the way to my vacation rental house in Miyagawa cho, Gion, I stopped at Mos Burger. It is fast and delicious.

If you are not a Japanese, you probably do not know how good the Japanese fast food are. My favorite one is "Mos Burger".  Of course they have a beef burger, but what I like is not that one. It's a Pork Katsu with BBQ sauce. They batter pork with flour, egg and breadcrumb and fry it.  They have more variety of sandwich like shrimp croquette sandwich, rice with vegetable sandwich, etc.  Please try one when you visit in Japan.

Pork sandwich with fried onion&potato, and clam chowder for 690 yen (USD8.00)