Superior Japanese Twin Room at Yumiya Komachi in Kyoto

Friday, January 28, 2011

お茶  Tea




I used to drink a lot of coffee when I was living in Chicago. I may be stressed with my work all the time. Now? I drink tea a lot: green tea, green powder tea (maccha), and hoji-tea (brown tea). When I was a child, tea was like a water for me. My family drink tea all the time, at the time of every meal, at afternoon tea time, or when we get thirsty.   Yes, Japan produces variety of very fine tea with reasonable prices. We also practice tea ceremony which serve very fine green powder tea from a tip of tea trees.  

Anyway, I bought two types of tea from "Ryuouen": one is "Asahi' green tea and the other is "Koetsu" of Karigane hoji-cha (my favorite brown tea). There are many famous tea stores (including production), such as, Ippodo, Fukujuen, so on. I used to practice tea ceremony, and my teacher used to say that this tea is from XXXX and XXX, but I could not tell the differences. I still can not distinguish which tea is from which store.....they are all good for me.

Inside of the tea store, Ryuouen, Kyoto. The pots lined at the shelves are fine green powder tea used for tea ceremony. 柳桜園の店内、京都

A selection of teas at Ryuouen, Kyoto いろいろな柳桜園のお茶

I bought green tea "Asahi" and Hoji-tea "Kariganecha"