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Saturday, January 22, 2011

灯台下暗し フレンチレストラン French Restaurant「Passion」

今日は町家の工事でも有名な工務店のMr. H氏を御誘いしての新年のご挨拶を兼ねてのランチを、法務局そばに昨年9月オープンしたフレンチレストラン「Passion」へ行ってきました。Mr. H氏は長年の営業経験をお持ちになるお偉い方で、私にとっては大切なコンサルタント的存在の方で、いろいろご教授いただいております。心強いですね。ありがとうございます!

「Passion 」京都府 京都市上京区 上生洲町201 TEL:075-222-0854(月休)
京都府京都市上京区荒神口通河原町東入上生洲町201 (地図を見る) 

I invited Mr.H for lunch at French restaurant "Passion" near the Imperial Palace today.  Mr.H has been great help for my vacation rental project in Kyoto.  Mr.H is a head of sales department of a famous construction company in Kyoto, and he has tremendous knowledge and experience in construction area including law, tax, and more.  I am fortunate to have the person like him in my side..... Thank you!

Yes, this french restaurant "Passion" was opened in September last year, which is same time I moved back to Japan. I always passed by this restaurant, but I have never gone I missed the opportunity to have a great meal in past 4 months.  I had fried oyster with multi grain rice and cream soup. It was just so good. The table setting is cute and very sophisticated in addition to the good service in a friendly manner. I will be your customer from today! Mr.H was very happy with this only 1300 yen (USD 12.00 lunch including coffee) as well.....

京都・町家一棟貸し 宮川小町 ホームページ
Miyagawa Komachi, Vacation Rental Home in Kyoto:

Open Kitchen at Passion

Cute table setting!

Fried Oyster and multi grain rice

Cream soup